About me

Every first Saturday of the month I open my art cellar...I'm happy if you visit me...2061 Hadres Kellergasse
I'm often asked how my painting comes about. Here is my answer: from within me.

It is actually that I have a white canvas in front of me and do not know what it will become in the end, what it will look like in the end.

Because art is about looking, allowing your own feelings, feeling and taking the risk of feeling colors.

And so I can create images through colors. I just let it flow out of me. Let my mind, my heart and my hands create something.

I didn't discover my passion for painting until April 2020. 

My goal is not to find my own style but the kind of what I want to paint.

I like to experiment with colors and materials and get inspiration from nature, music, movies or emotions...there is so much to discover.

It is the versatility that fascinates me. 

I decided to create an artist homepage to always present current works and to give organizers of art markets, artist associations and other interested parties an insight into my work and the state of development.
of course some of my paintings are for sale. if you are interested or have any questions, please send me an email or visit me in my small gallery in Hadres.

Painting for me means to reveal a little of one's own soul.

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