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Every first Saturday of the month I open my art cellar...I'm happy if you visit me...2061  Hadres Kellergasse
I'm often asked how my painting comes about. Here is my answer: from within me.

I am often asked how my pictures are created. Here is my answer: from within me.It is fascinating to look at a blank canvas as an undiscovered journey where the final destination is not predetermined. My approach to understanding art as an interplay of feelings, a willingness to take risks and simply letting things flow. It is inspirational to take the freedom to paint what moves me. May every canvas be an adventure where mind, heart and hands merge in harmonious creation.


Immerse yourself in my creative world where the boundaries between pop art and abstraction are blurred. As a passionate artist, I love to experiment with colours and materials to create unique forms of expression, drawing inspiration from the diversity around us - be it captivating nature, stirring music, moving films or deep emotions. Every brushstroke tells a story, every material harbours a new possibility. In this creative oasis, I share my journeys through the versatility of art, wrapped in the magic of pop art and abstract forms.join me on this journey of discovery, where a fascination for the unknown and a love of versatility characterises every moment.

I have discovered my passion for stencil art, beyond that it expands my creative expression.

For me, stencil art serves as a bridge for artistic collaboration and the exchange of ideas as well as the joint creation of wonderful works of art. 

It is the versatility that fascinates me.

I decided to create an artist's homepage in order to always be able to present current works and to give organisers of art markets, artists' associations and other interested parties an insight into my work and the state of development.
Of course some of my paintings are for sale. If you are interested or have any questions, please send me an e-mail or visit me in my small gallery in Hadres.

Painting for me means to reveal a little of one's own soul.

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